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Our History

2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2020-2021 ~ 2019 ~ 2018 ~ 2013-2017 ~ Origin

Hello, and welcome to the living history page of The Palouse Review!

As new editors join and old leave, TPR continuously changes, with each leaving their mark on the history of the journal. This page pays homage to all the wonderful people whose contributions would otherwise only exist as echoes in the works published; and to provide a timeline of the growth of TPR as a whole.

If you have served on The Palouse Review, or have information about missing history sections, please contact us at!


Spring of 2023 saw three huge projects essential to the development of The Palouse Review. First, the development of the official TPR style guide, logos, branding, email signature, and modernization of color palette and fonts by Isabelle Busch. Second, the beginning of solicitation of submissions from honors programs was a joint effort by all members, and has been a continuing project into the Fall semester. Third, official Bylaws were thought up by a team consisting of Colin Criss, Waldon Andrews, Gage Amonette, Dillon Kamin, Molly Greiner, and Halle Parris; and drafted by Waldon Andrews, Dillon Kamin, and Molly Greiner.

Some smaller, but important, projects were the establishment of the official TPR email: and the creation of solicitation fliers and other advertising documentation by the Marketing team.

With editorial positions now codified in the Bylaws, only one more was added: Managing Editor. This position, while previously used to refer to the faculty member who led The Palouse Review, now is a title held by a student who takes on many of the responsibilities of maintaining the journal and organizing day-to-day operations. Two administrative roles were also added: Treasurer and Social Media Manager.

In the Fall, the draft of the Bylaws was voted on and accepted, the Web team began preparing the site and records for a transition to a new version of WordPress and continued to update the operations systems of TPR, the Marketing team continued to expand the solicitations outreach, and everyone worked to further define the operations of TPR and prepare a successful edition!

Due to the expanded editorial board, an Editorial Board Archive page was added to keep records of the dedicated students who put their time and effort into each edition. Of course, they shall still be honored in this history page as well.

Faculty Editor: Colin Criss

Managing Editor: Waldon Andrews

Editors: Adrienne Lahr, April Witham, Dahlia Xie, Dillon Kamin, Eden Cano, Evelyn Patel, Gabrielle Herron, Gage Amonette, Gavin Powell, Grace Wierenga, Grant Irey, Halle Parris, Isabelle Busch, Kailin Gilzow, Lauren Kwartin, Leo Early, Luke Fries, Molly Greiner, Priscilla Gomez, Rachel Voke, Sarah De Santos, Shana Huang, Ursula Delgado, Violet Brown, Waldon Andrews

Departing/Departed Editors: Adaline Grace, Adrienne Lahr, Dahlia Xie, Gage Amonette, Grace Wierenga, Isabelle Busch, Luke Fries, Sydney Schmierer

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The Spring 2022 edition was the last edition produced under the management of Kim Andersen; and saw Shana Huang join the Palouse Review team, becoming the first non-STEM major to serve as a student editor in several years! With the journal now completely in the hands of Dahlia Xie, Waldon Andrews, and Shana Huang, the Palouse Review began looking toward a future as a completely student-run organization; and added “the” to its official name of “The Palouse Review” to line up with the “TPR” monogram.

In the Fall of 2022, Colin Criss joined as the Faculty Editor to provide continuity and guidance for the journal. Due to its changing mission, old values that guided the organization for the past ten years were reevaluated and new positions were created. Genre editor categories were brought back now that there were enough editors to staff them, and some new titles were created. The role of genre Executive Editor was established so that experienced members who provide guidance to new members would have a specific title; and the role of Assistant Editor was established to provide more structure to the process of students joining as new editors and then becoming editors or executive editors as they took on leadership roles within the organization. The operations editorial categories also had a new addition and title change so now includes Faculty Editor, Web team, and Marketing team.

This semester also saw the addition of ten new student members, the start of a transition to a more detailed records system, and the beginning of redefining the image of TPR. Another major milestone was the first time a submitted work was used as the edition cover, Brokenglass by Winter Warchol!

Faculty Editor: Colin Criss

Student Editors:
Dahlia Xie – Web executive editor
Waldon Andrews – Scholarship Executive editor, Web editor
Shana Huang – Fiction Executive editor, Visual Arts editor
Rachel Voke – Visual Arts Executive editor
Leo Early – Visual Arts Assistant editor, Fiction Assistant editor
Dillon Kamin – Scholarship Assistant editor, Fiction Assistant editor
Adrienne Lahr – Scholarship Assistant editor, Fiction Assistant editor
Grant Irey – Poetry Executive editor, Marketing Assistant editor
Molly Greiner – Poetry Assistant editor, Nonfiction Assistant editor
Priscilla Gomez – Poetry Assistant editor, Marketing Assistant editor
Gage Amonette – Fiction Assistant editor, Nonfiction Assistant editor
Grace Wierenga – Fiction Assistant editor, Nonfiction Assistant editor
Sidney Schmierer – Marketing Executive editor

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2020 saw three new students join and the one of the two remaining faculty editors retire, leaving the Palouse Review almost completely under control of student leadership, with Kim Andersen still holding the role of Managing Editor. The Fall 2021 edition marked the first time a student editor wrote the edition introduction (Geneva Schlepp).

Kim Andersen (Managing)

Dahlia Xie, Geneva Schlepp, Waldon Andrews, Adam Hureau

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This was the start of students reclaiming a leadership role in the Palouse Review, with the student web editors developing the refined form of the Palouse Review page. Unfortunately, as part of the modernization of the Editorial Board page, the Palouse Review moved to a table-based system for managing the editors of each edition, and the table system does not keep records.

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In the Spring of 2018, after four years of primarily faculty leadership, the Palouse Review is mostly under the control of Kim Andersen. Kim Andersen was a constant driving force of TPR, taking on roles as the faculty that held them retired and providing consistent leadership for many of the years of TPR’s existence. Without his work, and the continued support of Annie Lampman, Pamela Lee, Robin Bond, and Sean Robertson, TPR may not have survived its early days.

Having survived this rough time of its existence, now the Palouse Review began to grow once more. Many colleges of the Western Region Honors Council were now aware of its existence and around fifty students were submitting work for each edition.

The current edition format and pages, developed in 2017 by Sean Robertson, became set as the permanent appearance of the Palouse Review editions, and maintenance of the web system was passed on to students Felycite Guerra and Dahlia Xie.

This also marked the start of students being brought on as editors instead of interns, and being recognized on the Editorial Board page. Due to the now small team, most editors did not have specific positions and read all submissions. Those that did have additional positions have the position listed after their name.

Kim Andersen (Managing), Robin Bond, W. Puck Brecher

Cheryl Aarnio, Reid Brown, Dahlia Xie (Web), Felycite Guerra (Web)

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The first ever edition of the Palouse Review was published in 2013. Unfortunately, we have precious few records of those early days, as much of the data was lost in the tumultuous evolution of our web system. The record of the editions can be found in our Archives, but little remains regarding the students who worked on those early editions. In 2015, the first version of our Editorial Board page was launched, listing the faculty editors but not the student interns. We believe that the leadership of the journal was primarily Honors college faculty, supported by student involvement, but the details are unknown.

Submissions may have been managed via the Open Journal System hosted by the WSU Libraries, which would also explain the lack of records of submissions prior to 2017 in the WordPress system currently in use.

During this time of chaos and poor date tracking, faculty editors came and went, serving on various genre teams. We also saw the position of Managing Editor emerge, the division of Non-Fiction into Creative Nonfiction and Academic Nonfiction, and a frequent reordering of Music, Visual Art, Photography, Digital, and Multimedia. At the end of this period, the genres were Fiction, Nonfiction, Scholarship, Poetry, Photography & Visual Art, and Music; with Managing Editor and Website as operations categories.

The dedicated people that served during these early days are (listed by name and positions held in chronological order, with some positions being held concurrently):

Rita Rud – Fiction editor.
Kim Andersen – Poetry, Managing, Academic Nonfiction, Poetry, Creative nonfiction, Scholarship.
Bryan fry – Creative Nonfiction editor.
Pamela lee – Art & Photography editor, Photography, Visual Art, Photography & Visual Art.
Sheila Converse – Music editor.
Rebecca Goodrich – Digital Multimedia editor.
Annie Lampman – Managing, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Academic Nonfiction, Fiction.
Robin Bond – Music.
Sean Robertson – Web design.
W. Puck Brecher – Unknown.
Nathan Nicol – Unknown.

Amethyst Freibott, Savannah Jarrett, Aaron Kapral.

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Beginning sometime in 2011, Deven Tokuno and several other honors students put together a proposal to start a literary journal publishing work by Washington State University honors students. At the time, the only other known literary arts journal for honors was Scribendi, hosted by the University of New Mexico. It was the ambition of that founding team to eventually grow their journal to compete with Scribendi to publish outstanding honors student work. To achieve this lofty goal, they sought assistance from the Honors college and LandEscapes, the established literary arts journal run by the English department.

They gained the support of Rita Rud, a professor in the Honors college, obtained a starting budget, started recruiting editors, and began setting up the site. At the start of the fall semester the team consisted of five faculty editors to lead the various teams and ten student interns, had decided on the name of the “Palouse Review,” and were working on developing the branding and structure of the organization.

Submissions began being accepted via email, with a “reading period” set between October 1st and December 31st, with submission being accepted throughout that time from WSU honors students. The original genre categories were Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Art & Photography, Music, and Digital & Other Media. During this time, work continued to develop the website and future submission system. The website was originally going to be independently hosted but, with the support of the Honors college and the WSU web development team, the Palouse Review was given a WordPress domain hosted through the Honors college. With this site and an email-based submission system, the Palouse Review was on its way to publishing the first edition!

Fall 2012 Edition Staff:

Faculty editor: Rita Rud
Student interns: Deven Tokuno & Marcela Rodriguez

Creative Non-Fiction:

Faculty editor: Jared Brickman
Student interns: Lois Guinn & Grace Reed


Faculty editor: Rita Rud
Student interns: Laura Abbott & Jessica Cummings Colvin

Art & Photography:

Faculty editor: Pamela Lee
Student intern: Danica Wixom


Faculty editor: Sheila Converse
Student interns: Ivan Schulz & Eric McElroy

Digital & Other Media:

Faculty editor: Rebecca Goodrich
Student interns: Julia Dixon & Beth Notturno

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