The Palouse Review is the biannual arts and academics journal of the Washington State University Honors College. We accept submissions from current and former honors students from throughout the Western Regional Honors Council. Our editors are looking for carefully crafted, evocative work that demonstrates the literary, artistic, and academic excellence of our broader honors community.

The Palouse Review, May 1st 2019 Edition

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On behalf of the editorial team – Welcome to the May 1st, 2019 Edition of The Palouse Review!

You can be an expert in the conditioning effects of hyperbaric oxygen – but can you be an expert in poetry? You may very well write 15 comparative studies on poetry and gain a significant basis for your critical voice, but do you thereby capture the essence of the poetic enterprise: the expression of a sentiment into words to the approval of whoever finds resonance in the words. It seems the variables are too numerous for expertise. Not good news for expert-driven institutions – but do poets care?

The six poets in this edition all capture moments and their importance for someone living. Choosing a major may be a “game of self-sabotage” (Jireh Deng); poetry may be a “disguise” of “starving for gratitude” as suggested by Samantha Park or listening to “echoes” of a “voice rippling through the air” (Samuel Curren). Perhaps, poetic sentiment is wanting to be one’s “own utopia” as Laura Raufi ruminates in “Retreat.”

Danna de Boer’s two tightly written fictions, “Apple Sauce for Albert” and “George and I,” both transcend our general notions of the limits of reality. I encourage you to engage with Rebecca Russavage’s lengthy, non-fictional “Love in the Time of Loneliness” as she explores a symbiosis between loneliness and performance.

John Coss’ proposal to revamp an important part of our financial system undoubtedly deserves more scrutiny but he introduces a discussion hovering below the radar. The paper: “The Role of Food: Culture in Health,” authored by a group of students likewise addresses a prominent, contemporary concern. In text and imagery all our contributors explore minds and environments.

We encourage honors students throughout the western region to contribute to the December 1st, 2019 Edition – submission deadline: October 15th, 2019. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Use the link on this page, kindly, if you wish to comment in general or to comment on any piece in particular. We value your opinions!

Kim Andersen | Managing Editor of The Palouse Review

May 1st, 2019


Apple Sauce for Albert
George and I
by Danna De Boer (California State University, Long Beach)

Danna is from Long Beach, California, and is a chemistry major who has always loved reading and writing.

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Darkness and Light
by Maude Beckman (Weber State University)

Maude was born on the south shore of Montreal, Canada, and emigrated to the United States for love. For 17 years she was a wife and mom of 5 children. Last fall, she added the title of college student to that list when she decided to go back to school. Life is a journey with highs and lows but it is beautiful even in the depths of sorrow.

How to Plan a Successful Art Heist:
A College Student’s Contingency Loan Repayment Plan and Backup Career Explained

by Samara Diab (Southern Oregon University Honors College)

Samara is in her senior year at Southern Oregon University Honors College where she studies English, French, and Economics.

Why The Word “Alien” Is Degrading and Derogatory and Why It’s Harmful to the Immigration Debate
by Sarah Hamidi (Foothill College)

Sarah Hamidi is a sophomore in the Honors Program at Foothill College. She is majoring in Communication, and has a love for journalism and writing. Her journalism work appears in The Script, Foothill College student-led newspaper and her future work will appear on The Global Citizen Magazine, the Sustainability Newsletter, and She also serves on the Outreach and Local Activities/Events boards for the Enactus Club, a social entrepreneurship club at Foothill College using business skills to solve, economic, and environmental problems around the world. During her free time, Sarah likes to spend time with her friends and family. She also likes to travel and write about her experiences with life.

Love in the Time of Loneliness
by Rebecca Russavage (Brigham Young University)

Rebecca is an Honors Candidate majoring in Political Science and sociology, with minors in International Development and Women’s Studies. Her work in the Honors program has been an opportunity to explore interdisciplinary work and questions of identity on a more personal level than her scholastic work. She will graduate this December and will be working for eight months before attending graduate school.

The Cycle of Self Destruction
by Emily Yargeau (Washington State University)

Emily is a sophomore studying zoology with a pre-veterinary focus. Even with her science-minded way of thinking she finds herself having a soft spot for creative nonfiction essays.

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Unlocking the Federal Reserve
by John Coss (University of Portland)

John is a 19-year-old Freshmen attending the University of Portland. He was born and raised in Alaska.

The Role of Food: Culture in Health
by Courtney Klappenbach (Washington State University)

Authors: Mary Schneider, Heather Heidenreich, Courtney Klappenbach, Alida Melse

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Dinner after Mom Died
Park Swings
by Samuel Curren (Azusa Pacific University-Honors College)

Samuel Curren is a junior studying English at Azusa Pacific University. He loves soccer, reading, writing, chess, and the outdoors. He plans on pursuing a career in editing or writing.

Choosing My Major
by Jireh Deng (California State University, Long Beach)

Jireh is a freshman at CSU Long Beach who is currently studying Environmental Science and Policy. When she isn’t busy with student government and local advocacy, she loves to relax by reading and writing poetry. People tell her all the time that she can’t do everything, but she’s decided that if you really want something, you can always make time for it.

Car Battery
Old and Young
Woodinville Is:

by Kathryn Lampe (University of Portland)

Environmental Ethics & Policy major, English and Communications minor, actress, baker, reader, writer, doodler.

Old Shipping Pens
by Amy Olson (University of Wyoming)

Amy was raised in an agricultural community and hopes to share her passion for the western way of life with others through poetry. She is a second-year student in Agricultural Communications with three minors. Amy is also on the Horse Judging Team and a member of Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and the Collegiate Cattlemen association.

Ruminating on Clichés
by Samantha Park (University of California, Riverside)

Samantha is a first year Creative Writing major at the University of California, Riverside. Her primary genre of focus is poetry, but also wants to write psychological thrillers and/or TV scripts. Samantha has had four poems published, two of which won awards through Fresno State.

by Laura Raufi (Western Washington University)

Laura is an 18 year old freshman in the Western Washington Unviversity Honors Program. She has loved poetry from an early age and it describes it as an essential way of expressing herself throughout the joy and hardships of adolescent life. Laura admires poetry and writing that allows her to feel as the speaker or author feels, and she strives to incorporate this sort of written empathy in her own poetry.

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Photography and Visual Art

Rhea Amatya (University of California, Riverside)

Rhea Amatya is a first year biology major at University of California, Riverside. She uses art as an outlet for her creativity and as a physical way of representing herself. She aspires to one day be able to make a contribution to healthcare.

Mary Andrews (Crafton Hills College)

Mary Andrews is currently enrolled in her second year at Crafton Hills college where she is majoring in English, American Sign Language, and Humanities. Her passion for writing has taken her to be previously published in the Christmas Mosaic II. She was also published in the Palouse Review in December 2018 for her photography. Her goals are now to go on to get her masters degree in English at the University of Idaho and explore her options as an author.

Loman Clark (Arizona State University)

Loman Clark was formerly an honors student at Arizona State University. More recently, he served for 6 years as coordinator of the honors program at the Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, AZ. Currently, he is pursuing studies in studio fine arts and has worked at Phoenix College in the Counseling Department for 20 years.

Angelina Cruse (Northern Arizona University)

Angelina is a senior at Northern Arizona University, majoring in Environmental Engineering with a Chemistry Minor. She chooses to spend whatever free time I can find reading books and continuing my passion for photograph.

Mya Correa (Honers Enrichment Program at Mt San Jacinto)

Mya is a studio artist that works in mix media and recycled materials. Most of her work is at least 60% reused materials. She has worked with clay, oil paint, bronze, iron, and fabric. Mya enjoys creating emotion in her work and having her audience feel something from the work.

Stephanie Lim (California State University, Long Beach)

Stephanie is currently pursuing her dream of working at an animation studio and has always been interested in the arts. She highly values artistic expression in film and 2D illustration and describes it as a way to express herself honestly.

Alec Miles (Washington State University)

Alec is a Senior studying International Business at Washington State University. Culture is something he finds fascinating and architecture in foreign countries is something he finds gorgeous. In his free time Alec enjoys sports – especially soccer – and hopes to attend the next world cup.

Rojina Nekoonam (Smittcamp Family Honors College)

Rojina Nekoonam is a junior from California State University, Fresno. Rojina is a Smittcamp Family Honors College Scholar and is pursuing a degree in Biology with the hope to attend medical school in the near future. She enjoys landscape photography and wishes to reveal nature’s beauty through her shots.

Christina Richardson (Southern Oregon University)

Christina Lynn Richardson is an Honors College student at Southern Oregon University (SOU). She is earning her degrees in Psychology, B.S. and Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.S., as well as a certificate in Conflict Resolution. Ms. Richardson is the Student Trustee on the SOU Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and is the student representative on the SOU University Assessment Committee. Ms. Richardson plans on pursuing a career in forensic psychology and research.

Alexis Takagi (Foothills College)

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Guitar Trio
View the full score
By Lucas Miles (Ottawa University)

Lucas Miles is currently attending Ottawa University for a music teaching degree and will be pursuing a Masters in Composition. He is 23 and has been playing music since high school. Music is a powerful way to build connections and strengthen our minds. Music has always been a passion for Lucas and he hopes to share it with as many people as possible.

Byzantine Themes
View the full score
By Roxanne Saccketti (Paradise Valley Community College)

In the Fall of 2015, Roxanne began driving from Prescott, Arizona, where she lives, to study for a Certificate in Electronic Music at the Maricopa Colleges. She is simultaneously studying for an Associates Degree at Yavapai College in Prescott and earning three other credentials in music. This semester she is working on her seventh Honors course in the Maricopa Colleges and has been accepted into Rio Salado’s Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Program to become certified to teach K-12 music. Once certified and employed, she will work to earn her Master’s. The Maricopa College opportunities have changed her life as she prepares to change the life of others with the gift of music.

Fire Fighters
By Will Sutherland (Brigham Young University)

Will is from Redding, California. He makes hip-hop music and is currently working on a project to convey the harmful effects of vaping for a non-profit organization in California. He likes to longboard, is fluent in Spanish, is a self-described outgoing introvert, and wants to be a dentist.

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